Avella, P., L. Andricek, C. Koffmane, R. Lehmann, G. Liemann, H.-G. Moser, J. Ninkovic, R.H. Richter, A. Ritter, E. Scheugenpflug, G. Schaller, F. Schopper, M. Schnecke, M. Valentan and A. Wassatsch: Production quality characterisation techniques of sensors and prototypes for the BELLE II Pixel Detector. In: PSD10 (2015).
url: https://publications.mppmu.mpg.de/?action=search&mpi=MPP-2015-413
url: http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/10/01/C01049
localid: MPP-2015-413
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