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Bose glass and Mott glass of quasiparticles in a doped quantum magnet
Authors: Yu, R.; Yin, L.; Sullivan, N. S.; Xia, J. S.; Huan, C.; Paduan-Filho, A.; Oliveira Jr., N. F.; Haas, S.; Steppke, A.; Miclea, C. F.; Weickert, F.; Movshovich, R.; Mun, E.-D.; Scott, B. L.; Zapf, V. S.; Roscilde, T.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2012-09-19
Title of Journal: Nature
Volume: 489
Start Page: 379
End Page: 384
Document Type: Article
ID: 619251.0

Modified spin-wave theory with ordering vector optimization: spatially anisotropic triangular lattice and J1J2J3 model with Heisenberg interactions
Authors: Hauke, P.; Roscilde, T.; Murg, V.; Cirac, J. Ignacio; Schmied, R.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2011-07-29
Title of Journal: New Journal of Physics
Volume: 13
Sequence Number of Article: 075017
Document Type: Article
ID: 571638.0