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Global monitoring of atmospheric trace gases, clouds and aerosols from UV/vis/NIR satellite instruments: Currents status and near future perspectives
Authors: Wagner, T.; Beirle, S.; Deutschmann, T.; Frankenberg, C.; Grzegorski, M.; Khokhar, M. F.; Kühl, S.; Marbach, T.; Mies, K.; Penning de Vries, M.; Platt, U.; Pukite, J.; Sanghavi, S.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: AIP Conference Proceedings
Volume: 992
Start Page: 1160
End Page: 1165
Document Type: Article
ID: 399379.0

Photolysis frequency measurement techniques: results of a comparison within the ACCENT project
Authors: Bohn, B.; Corlett, G. K.; Gillmann, M.; Sanghavi, S.; Stange, G.; Tensing, E.; Vrekoussis, M.; Bloss, W. J.; Clapp, L. J.; Kortner, M.; Dorn, H. P.; Monks, P. S.; Platt, U.; Plass-Dulmer, C.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Heard, D. E.; Clemitshaw, K. C.; Meixner, F. X.; Prevot, A. S. H.; Schmitt, R.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Volume: 8
Issue / Number: 17
Start Page: 5373
End Page: 5391
Document Type: Article
ID: 399258.0

Comparison of box-air-mass-factors and radiances for Multiple-Axis Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) geometries calculated from different UV/visible radiative transfer models
Authors: Wagner, T.; Burrows, J. P.; Deutschmann, T.; Dix, B.; von Friedeburg, C.; Frieß, U.; Hendrick, F.; Heue, K. P.; Irie, H.; Iwabuchi, H.; Kanaya, Y.; Keller, J.; McLinden, C. A.; Oetjen, H.; Palazzi, E.; Petritoli, A.; Platt, U.; Postylyakov, O.; Pukite, J.; Richter, A.; van Roozendael, M.; Rozanov, A.; Rozanov, V.; Sinreich, R.; Sanghavi, S.; Wittrock, F.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007
Title of Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Volume: 7
Issue / Number: 7
Start Page: 1809
End Page: 1833
Document Type: Article
ID: 332345.0

SCIAMACHY limb measurements as a new tool for stratospheric ozone studies
Authors: Pukite, J.; Kühl, S.; Wilms-Grabe, W.; von Friedeburg, C.; Deutschmann, T.; Sanghavi, S.; Hollwedel, J.; Beirle, S.; Frankenberg, C.; Khokhar, M. F.; Grzegorski, M.; Marbach, T.; Kirchhof, B.; Kraus, S.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Place of Publication: Berlin
Publisher: Lang
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006
Title of Proceedings: Sustainable development in the Baltic and beyond
Start Page: 493
End Page: 502
Document Type: Conference-Paper
ID: 299148.0

Intercomparison exercise between different radiative transfer models used for the interpretation of groundbased zenith-sky and multi-axis DOAS observations
Authors: Hendrick, F.; Van Roozendael, M.; Kylling, A.; Petritoli, A.; Rozanov, A.; Sanghavi, S.; Schofield, R.; von Friedeburg, C.; Wagner, T.; Wittrock, F.; Fonteyn, D.; De Mazière, M.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006
Title of Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Volume: 6
Start Page: 93
End Page: 108
Document Type: Article
ID: 313338.0