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Bird Ringing for Science and Conservation.
Authors: Baillie, S.; Bairlein, F.; Clark, J.; du Feu, C.R.; Fiedler, W.; Fransson, T.; Hegelbach, J.; Julliard, R.; Karcza, Z.; Keller, L.F.; Kestenholz, M.; Schaub, M.; Spina, F.
Place of Publication: Thetford / U.K
Publisher: EURING
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-01-01
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Document Type: Book
ID: 346496.0

Migratory movements of waterfowl: a web-based mapping tool. EURING report to the EU Commission.
Authors: Atkinson, P. W.; Robinson, R. A.; Clark, J. A; Miyar, T.; Downie, I. S; du Feu, C. R; Fiedler, W.; Fransson, T.; Grantham, M.J.; Gschweng, M.; Spina, F.; Crick, H.Q.P.
Document Type: Book
ID: 346492.0