Huang, L., A. Chivulescu, C. E. Allison, G. Brailsford, W. A. Brand, M. Wendeberg, A. Bollenbacher, R. F. Keeling, I. Levin, M. Sabasch, M. Leuenberger, H. Mukai, T. Nakazawa, S. Aoki, R. E. M. Neubert, A. T. Aerts-Bijma, M. Verkouteren, J. W. C. White, B. Vaughn, S. Michel, L. Zhou and L. X. Liu: A Report of delta13C & delta18O Measurements in NBS 19 and NBS 18 pure CO2: Uncertainty in Traceability of CO2 Isotope Measurements. In: Proceedings of the 15th IAEA/WMO meeting of CO2 experts, Jena, Sept. 2009 WMO-GAW Report 194. (2011) 169-175.
localid: BGC1612
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