Committee:, T. E. P., F. Berger, X. F. Cao, V. Chandler, L. Dennis, R. Martienssen, B. C. Meyers, C. Pikaard, J. Peacock, E. Richards, D. Wagner, D. Weigel, V. Colot, R. Deal, C. Dean, J. R. Ecker, M. Gehring, Z. Gong, B. Gregory, G. Rodrigo, J. Gutierrez-Marcos, M. Hasebe, I. D. Hwang, S. E. Jacobsen, T. Kukatani, J. Li, S. Michaels, Y. S. Noh, N. Provart and M. Vaughn: Reading the second code: Mapping epigenomes to understand plant growth, development, and adaptation to the environment. In: Plant Cell 24, 2257-2261 (2012).
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