van Bakel, N., M. van Beuzekom, E. Jans, S. Klous, H. Verkooijen, M. Agari, C. Bauer, D. Baumeister, J. Blouw, W. Hofmann, K. T. Knoepfle, S. Loechner, M. Schmelling, E. Sexauer, M. Feuerstack-Raible, U. Trunk, N. Harnew and N. Smale: SEU Robustness, Total Dose Radiation Hardness and Analogue Performance of the Beetle Chip. In: 10th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and Future Experiments - LECC 2004 CERN Yellow Reports CERN-2004-010. CERN, Geneva (2004) 148-152.
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