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SEU Robustness, Total Dose Radiation Hardness and Analogue Performance of the Beetle Chip
Authors: van Bakel, N.; van Beuzekom, M.; Jans, E.; Klous, S.; Verkooijen, H.; Agari, M.; Bauer, C.; Baumeister, D.; Blouw, J.; Hofmann, W.; Knoepfle, K. T.; Loechner, S.; Schmelling, M.; Sexauer, E.; Feuerstack-Raible, M.; Trunk, U.; Harnew, N.; Smale, N.
Place of Publication: Geneva
Publisher: CERN
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2004
Name of Conference/Meeting: 10th LECC workshop
Title of Proceedings: 10th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and Future Experiments - LECC 2004
Start Page: 148
End Page: 152
Title of Series: CERN Yellow Reports
Volume (in Series): CERN-2004-010
Document Type: Conference-Paper
ID: 206525.0