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High Resolution GRE EPI for fMRI with Whole Brain Coverage at 7T
Authors: Ivanov, Dimo; Heidemann, Robin M.; Reimer, Enrico; Schäfer, Andreas; Weiss, Marcel; Trampel, Robert; Turner, Robert
(Start) Date of Event
Name of Conference/Meeting: ISMRM High Field Workshop 2008
Document Type: Poster
ID: 394841.0

Tracking blood oxygenation within the cerebral vasculature with pulsed ASL using single-shot 3D GRASE
Authors: Docherty, Carol; Trampel, Robert; Günther, Matthias; Müller, Karsten; Müller, Dirk; Weiß, Marcel; Reimer, Enrico; Feinberg, David; Turner, Robert
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Name of Conference/Meeting: Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)
Document Type: Poster
ID: 391852.0

Diffusion tensor MRI can anatomically segment human amygdaloid subregions in vivo
Authors: Solano-Castiella, Eugenia; Anwander, Alfred; Docherty, Carol; Reimer, Enrico; Weiss, Marcel; Friederici, Angela D.; Turner, Robert
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Name of Conference/Meeting: OHBM 14th Annual Meeting, Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Document Type: Poster
ID: 394842.0

Entfaltung rekonstruierter, kortikaler Oberflächen zur Visualisierung von Aktivationen im menschlichen Gehirn
Authors: Weiß, Marcel
Date of Approval (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-11-16
Name of University: HTWK Leipzig, Germany
Document Type: Thesis
ID: 392100.0