Wimmer, A., A. Leitner, T. Detzel, W. Robl, W. Heinz, R. Pippan and G. Dehm: Damage evolution during cyclic tension-tension loading of micron-sized Cu lines. In: Acta Materialia 67, 297-307 (2014).
doi: 10.1016/j.actamat.2013.12.006
Dehm, G., C. Kirchlechner, P. Imrich, M. Smolka, A. Wimmer, B. Yang and Z. Zhang: Plasticity and Fracture at Small Length Scales: From Single Crystals Towards Interfaces. (Workshop on Mechanical Behaviour of Systems - 4, 2013-02-24 to 2013-02-28, Coorg, Karnataka, India).
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