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Molecular regulation of the developing commissural plate
Authors: Moldrich, Randal X.; Gobius, Ilan; Pollack, Thomas; Zhang, Jiangyang; Ren, Tianbo; Brown, Lucia; Mori, Susumu; De Juan Romero, Camino; Britanova, Olga; Tarabykin, Victor; Richards, Linda J.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2010-09-15
Title of Journal: Journal of Comparative Neurology
Volume: 518
Issue / Number: 18
Start Page: 3645
End Page: 3661
Document Type: Article
ID: 499149.0

SATB2 interacts with chromatin-remodeling molecules in differentiating cortical neurons
Authors: Gyorgy, Andrea B.; Szemes, Marianna; de Juan Romero, Camino; Tarabykin, Victor; Agoston, Denes V.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: European Journal of Neuroscience
Volume: 27
Start Page: 865
End Page: 873
Document Type: Article
ID: 402853.0

Satb2 is a postmitotic determinant for upper-layer neuron specification in the neocortex
Authors: Britanova, Olga; de Juan Romero, Camino; Cheung, Amanda; Kwan, Kenneth Y.; Schwark, Manuela; Gyorgy, Andrea; Vogel, Tanja; Akopov, Sergey; Mitkovski, Miso; Agoston, Denes; Sestan, Nenad; Molnár, Zoltán; Tarabykin, Victor
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: Neuron
Volume: 57
Start Page: 378
End Page: 392
Document Type: Article
ID: 403018.0