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Rules for Automatic Journal Name Synchronization

1) Introduction

As long as no
authority files of journal names (Normdateien) are integrated into the eDoc system, the quality of metadata mainly depends on the standardization efforts implemented by the local depositors and moderators. The integration of authority files is required to improve the search and retrieval functions in the eDoc Software. Modifying the journal name is especially important for imported data from "Web of Science", where the journal names are capitalized.

The Automatic Journal Name Synchronization will run every Saturday and check submitted or released records in working/archival collections, which have been added or updated within the last two weeks. The eDoc Team will check the results for "incorrect changes". The rules for data modification are explained below.

All changed records get a new metadata version including the version comment "Automatic Journal Name Synchronization". This procedure ensures that all automatic changes are transparent to eDoc power users which are able to access the original data entry by clicking the link "Metadata-history". Please contact the if you notice a problematic change or if you would like to exclude your Institute's collections from the Automatic Journal Name Synchronization.

2) Rules

The principle of the Automatic Journal Name Synchronization is a headline format, which means that all words of a journal title start with capital letter. For example:  "ANALYTICAL PHYSICS" will be changed into "Analytical Physics".

Exceptions are defined as followed:
  • Stopwords: We have defined a list of words which should not start with a capital letter, e.g. "and", "of". If a journal title starts with a stopword this will be capitalized.
  • Acronyms: To avoid the change of an acronym like for example "MPG" into "Mpg", we have defined a list of acronyms, which won't be changed by the Automatic Journal Name Synchronization.
  • Specialties: This rule excludes words from the synchronization program, which have to remain as they have been written, like "eDoc" or AIChE".
  • Single uppercase characters: Definition of a set of words that appears before a single character which needs to be capitalized, e.g. "Review" for "Review A"
  • Blanks: Redundant blanks will be deleted automatically, e.g. "Journal  of  Catalysis" -> "Journal of Catalysis"
To find a complete list of the defined exceptions, please check the script journalnameupdate.pl.
The latest version of the Automatic Journal Name Synchronization can be found under the following link: report of Journal Name Synchronization

3) Contact

If you have suggestions for the script like new acronyms, stopwords etc. please contact the

Last changed: 21 July 2004
Created by Nicole Kondic and Inga Overkamp