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331329.3 [No comment] 03.12.2008 14:34 Released
331329.2 [No comment] 28.11.2008 13:43 Released
331329.1 [No comment] 13.03.2008 14:41 Released
331329.0 [No comment] 29.02.2008 14:45 Released

ID: 331329.3, MPI für Kernphysik / Neutrino Physics
First results on 7Be solar neutrinos from the Borexino real time detector
Authors:Arpesella, C.; Bellini, G.; Benziger, J.; Bonetti, S.; Caccianiga, B.; Calaprice, F.; Dalnoki-Veress, F.; D'Angelo, D.; de Kerret, H.; Derbin, A.; Deutsch, M.; Etenko, A.; Fomenko, K.; Ford, R.; Franco, D.; Freudiger, B.; Galbiati, C.; Gazzana, S.; Giammarchi, M.; Goeger-Neff, M.; Goretti, A.; Grieb, C.; Hardy, S.; Heusser, G.; Ianni, Aldo; Ianni, Andrea; Joyce, M.; Korga, G.; Kryn, D.; Laubenstein, M.; Leung, M.; Litvinovich, E.; Lombardi, P.; Ludhova, L.; Machulin, I.; Manuzio, G.; Martemianov, A.; Masetti, F.; McCarty, K.; Meroni, E.; Miramonti, L.; Misiaszek, M.; Montanari, D.; Monzani, M. E.; Muratova, V.; Niedermeier, L.; Oberauer, L.; Obolensky, M.; Ortica, F.; Pallavicini, M.; Papp, L.; Perasso, L.; Pocar, A.; Raghavan, R. S.; Ranucci, G.; Razeto, A.; Sabelnikov, A.; Salvo, C.; Schönert, S.; Simgen, H.; Smirnov, O.; Skorokhvatov, M.; Sonnenschein, A.; Sotnikov, A.; Sukhotin, S.; Suvorov, Y.; Tarasenkov, V.; Tartaglia, R.; Testera, G.; Vignaud, D.; Vitale, S.; Vogelaar, R. B.; von Feilitzsch, F.; Wojcik, M.; Zaimidoroga, O.; Zavatarelli, S.; Zuzel, G.
Corporate body:Borexino Collaboration
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2008-07
Title of Journal:Journal of Physics, Conference Series
Volume (in Journal):120
Issue / Number:5
Start Page:1
End Page:8
Sequence Number:052006
Name of Conference/Meeting:International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP) 2007
Place of Conference/Meeting:Sendai, Japan
(Start) Date of Conference/Meeting
End Date of Conference/Meeting 
Review Status:not specified
Audience:Experts Only
Abstract / Description:The Borexino experiment started the data taking may 15th 2007. It is until now the
only experiment able to detect in real time neutrino interactions below 2 MeV. This is due to
the very high radio-purity reached by the detector, more than one order of magnitude better
than the goal of the design. The detector allows the single fluxes of low energy solar neutrinos
to be determined from all sources not previously studied: 7Be, pep, CNO and hopefully pp.
Here the first measurement of the 7Be, obtained from the first 47.6 live days of data taking, is
External Publication Status:published
Document Type:Conference-Paper
Affiliations:MPI für Kernphysik/Group of M. Lindner
External Affiliations:I.N.F.N. Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi, Italy
Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università degli Studi e INFN, Milano, Italy
Princeton University, Chemical Engineering Department, Princeton, NJ, USA
RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia
Laboratoire AstroParticule et Cosmologie APC, Paris, France
St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Gatchina, Russia
Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Department of Physics, Cambridge, MA, USA
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Technische Universität Muenchen, Garching, Germany
Virginia Tech, Physics Department, Blacksburg, VA, USA
Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Università e INFN, Genova, Italy
Dipartimento di Chimica dell'universtità e INFN, Perugia, Italy
Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland