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335843.0 [No comment] 21.04.2009 09:29 Released

ID: 335843.0, MPI für Gravitationsphysik / Astrophysical Relativity
The status of GEO 600
Authors:Strain, Kenneth A.; Allen, Bruce; Aufmuth, Peter; Aulbert, Carsten; Babak, Stanislav; Balasubramanian, R.; Barr, B. W.; Berukoff, Steven; Bunkowski, Alexander; Cagnoli, G.; Cantley, C. A.; Casey, Morag M.; Chelkowski, Simon; Churches, D.; Cokelaer, T.; Colacino, Carlo Nicola; Crooks, D. R. M.; Cutler, Curt; Danzmann, Karsten; Davies, R.; Dupuis, R. J.; Elliffe, E. J.; Fallnich, Carsten; Franzen, Alexander; Freise, Andreas; Gossler, Stefan; Grant, A.; Grote, Hartmut; Grunewald, Steffen; Harms, Jan; Heinzel, Gerhard; Heng, Ik Siong; Heptonstall, A.; Heurs, Michele; Hewitson, Martin; Hild, Stefan; Hough, J.; Itoh, Yousuke; Jones, R.; Huttner, S. H.; Kawabe, Keita; Killow, Christian J.; Kötter, Karsten; Krishnan, Badri; Leonhardt, Volker; Lück, Harald; Machenschalk, Bernd; Malec, Michaela; Mercer, R. A.; Messenger, Christopher; Mohanty, Soumya; Mossavi, Kasem; Mukherjee, Soma; Murray, P.; Nagano, S.; Newton, G.; Papa, Maria Alessandra; Perreur-Lloyd, M.; Pitkin, Matthew; Plissi, M. V.; Quetschke, V.; Re, V.; Reid, S.; Ribichini, L.; Robertson, D. I.; Robertson, N. A.; Romano, J. D.; Rowan, S.; Rüdiger, Albrecht; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Schilling, Roland; Schnabel, Roman; Schutz, Bernard F.; Seifert, Frank; Sintes, A. M.; Smith, J. R.; Sneddon, P. H.; Taylor, I.; Taylor, R.; Thüring, Andre; Ungarelli, C.; Vahlbruch, Henning; Vecchio, A.; Veitch, J.; Ward, H.; Weiland, U.; Welling, H.; Williams, P.; Willke, Benno; Winkler, Walter; Woan, G.; Zawischa, I.
Place of Publication:Bellingham, Wash.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2004
Title of Proceedings:Gravitational wave and particle astrophysics detectors
Start Page:25
End Page:36
Title of Series:SPIE proceedings series
Volume (in Series):5500
Name of Conference/Meeting:Gravitational wave and particle astrophysics detectors
Place of Conference/Meeting:Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
(Start) Date of Conference/Meeting
End Date of Conference/Meeting 
Review Status:not specified
Audience:Not Specified
Abstract / Description:The GEO 600 laser interferometer with 600m armlength is part of a worldwide network of gravitational wave detectors. GEO 600 is unique in having advanced multiple pendulum suspensions with a monolithic last stage and in employing a signal recycled optical design. This paper describes the recent commissioning of the interferometer and its operation in signal recycled mode.
Document Type:Conference-Paper
Communicated by:Bernhard F. Schutz
Affiliations:MPI für Gravitationsphysik/GEO 600
MPI für Gravitationsphysik/Laser Interferometry & Gravitational Wave Astronomy
MPI für Gravitationsphysik/Astrophysical Relativity
MPI für Gravitationsphysik/Observational Relativity and Cosmology
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