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457063.0 [No comment] 18.03.2010 15:27 Released

ID: 457063.0, MPI für molekulare Genetik / Ribosome Research Groups
Studies of accuracy during protein synthesis involving the E-tRNA and the Shine-Dalgarno interaction
Authors:Yamamoto, Hiroshi; Pech, Markus; Vesper, Oliver; Triana-Alonso, Francisco J.; Nierhaus, Knud H.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2010-02-25
Title of Journal:Salus Online
Issue / Number:Suppl. 1
Start Page:133
End Page:148
Copyright:© 2010 Salus OnLine
Review Status:not specified
Audience:Experts Only
Abstract / Description:The ribosome contains three tRNA binding sites, the A, P and E sites. Although the E site is separated
from the A via the intervening P site, there is a striking communication between these sites. This crosstalk
plays an important role for the accuracy of the decoding process. Codon-anticodon interaction at the
E site seems to be the signal to switch into the post-translocational (POST) state characterized by a low
affinity of the A site. This low affinity state forces the ternary complexes aminoacyl-tRNA•EF-Tu•GTP to
enter the A site via the decoding center preventing the selection of non-cognate aminoacyl-tRNAs and
incorporation of the amino acid. This has the important consequence that only 1 in 400 misincorporations
affects protein functions. Another aspect of the three tRNA binding sites is that at least two
tRNAs are present on the ribosome. Since the tRNAs are firmly bound by the ribosome whereas the
mRNA practically only via codon-anticodon interaction during the elongation phase, the movement of the
tRNA during translocation pulls the mRNA through the ribosome. In fact, the six base pairs of two
adjacent codon-anticodon interactions are instrumental for maintaining the reading frame. Without the
codon-anticodon interaction of the E tRNA the reading frame would be lost at least after the incorporation
of about 50 amino acids into the nascent chain.
Free Keywords:Ribosome; tRNA; E-site; Shine-Dalgarno
Comment of the Author/Creator:email: nierhaus@molgen.mpg.de
External Publication Status:published
Document Type:Article
Communicated by:Ribosome Group
Affiliations:MPI für molekulare Genetik
External Affiliations:Instituto BIOMED-UC, Universidad de Carabobo, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud,Sede Aragua, Maracay 2101, Venezuela