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02.02.2007 We have implemented an OAI-PMH interface a while ago. Please find the documentation and the service providers that harverst our content in the eDoc Support Wiki.
17.02.2005 A new updates of the document "Überprüfung und Freigabe der Daten für das Jahrbuch MPG 2005" is available now.
04.06.2004 Release 0.93 fo edoc software, including improved usability for submission of records, modification in eDoc Workflow (possibility to send back an item for revision, possibility for owner of document to create a new version, when document is released), upload of fulltext metadata in xml imports, implementing openURL for eDoc records.
17.02.2004 eDoc Version 0.9. released, including improved advanced search interface and search logic, restriction of fulltext possible on institute level, complete revision of basket functionality, including functionality of "moving records", automatic virus checking during file upload, new sorting criteria and validation of mark up allowed on eDoc.
03.11.2003 New Information on Copyright - licenses with publishers. For more information go to our Help page.
22.09.2003 eDoc Version 0.87 released, including performance improvements, new interface on browse view, print in citation style, improved basket functionality including export to HTML, PDF and RTF. Re-organisation of filesystem, new link to partners and contributors.
13.06.2003 eDoc Version 0.75 released (including new features in Advanced Search and Batch Copy Functionality)
14.04.2003 New updates for following documents are available: eDoc Handbuch, Anleitung zur Dateneingabe and Pflichtfelder zur Eingabe der Publikationsdaten
09.04.2003 eDoc version 0.6 released
10.03.2003 XML Schema for the Data Import into eDoc
10.03.2003 New Quick submission interface for moderators
04.03.2003 Offizieller Start der Erfassung der bibliografischen Angaben aller wissenschaftlichen Publikationen der Institute und Einrichtungen der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft aus dem Jahr 2002 für das MPG - Jahrbuch mehr Informationen und Dokumente...
05.12.2002 New Submission Interface with the context sensitive help for each element.
05.12.2002 Flexibility for the Institutes to select their relevant Document Types. The Moderator of the Institute can do this selection. Please find the list of available Document types in the "eDoc Handbuch" at page 24-26.
05.12.2002 Document Affiliations- Documents can be affiliated to the Institutes(MPG Units), SubUnits and SubSub Units. Moderators can define this predefined set for their institute.
16.11.2002 Digilib image viewer ( zooming, annotation ) is integrated into eDoc Server.(example).
20.08.2002 You can now export baskets to Reference Manager and Endnote (BiBTeX is comming soon).
16.08.2002 The mostly final metadata model is now available. Currently it is possible to import data into all the metadata model fields. All other features (submiting, viewing) will be provided soon.
16.08.2002 eDoc provides now links to the MPG SFX service which allows fulltext access to many journals
15.08.2002 eDoc is now OAI enabled. Thanks to Vijaya who has done this job.
15.08.2002 Simplified linking to fulltext of documents eg:
08.08.2002 New feature: Storable baskets
12.08.2002 The Department of Theory from the FHI started the regular use of the eDoc system.
08.08.2002 New feature: Storable baskets
06.08.2002 New feature: Temporary baskets
02.08.2002 Thumbnail preview for 68 image formats (including postscript,jpeg,gif,tiff, etc.)
(example 1, example 2).
30.07.2002 Added people type (authors, editors, painters, etc.) (example)
23.07.2002 Metadata model is now document type sensitive.
16.07.2002 Improved & bugfixed sorting of output.
16.07.2002 Improved My Document, Moderator and Authority view.
16.07.2002 Enhanced browsing & searching.
10.07.2002 New feature: Topic browsing.
08.07.2002 New feature: OOLM based keywords and topic browsing
08.07.2002 OOLM is now active.
06.07.2002 The Department of Inorganic Chemistry from the FHI started the production use of the eDoc system.
03.07.2002 The new message function allow easy communication and workflow between users, moderators, authorities and the system:
  • You will be informed about change to your documents (authorization, etc.).
  • It's possible to send messages to every user in the system with or without direct references to a given document.
  • Moderators and authorities can easy respond to new submited document.
  • Messages can be send to groups or all users.
  • 03.07.2002 Document authorization is now more comfortable.
    01.07.2002 Improved usermanagement.
    01.07.2002 After upgrade to new MySQL, Apache, Perl and Embperl anything is much faster.
    01.07.2002 Now we are on the new server (SunFire 280R, 2*900Mhz Ultra Sparc III+, 4 GB Memory, 2 TB Diskspace)).
    13.06.2002 Now we have a advanced access check. This means you can only access the fulltext of a document:
  • if you are a registered user or
  • if you host is located inside the MPG or
  • if a moderator made a document public
  • 11.06.2002 Collections are renamed to Instituts and Groups to Collections.
    09.06.2002 New feature: Session wise search history for easy access of earlier searches.
    09.06.2002 New feature: Search output can be sorted.
    08.06.2002 New feature: Profiles can be reviewed and changed.
    05.06.2002 Now we have the authority functionality.
    04.06.2002 Deleted documents,groups and collection can now be restored. The backup policy is set to a retention time of 10 years. Both together makes lose of data probably impossible.
    28.05.2002 First test collection is available ( FHI / Inorganic Chemistry).
    01.06.2002 Added some output enhancements for large number of documents.
    29.05.2002 Added more search options/fields.
    28.05.2002 Added the Dublin Core metadata model. (example).
    28.05.2002 Added some output enhancements.
    13.05.2002 Improved My Documents view.
    13.05.2002 Added a moderators view which allow to manage new submissions.
    12.05.2002 Added support for multiple representation of one document (example).
    10.05.2002 Fulltext search works now for pdf,html and plain text files.
    06.05.2002 Collection wise searching and author list.
    06.05.2002 Added support for help (see the question mark near the Login form).
    05.05.2002 Extended fulltext search with ranking
    05.05.2002 Simple access for a specific document version eg:
    05.05.2002 Group level moderators.
    04.05.2002 Document History (example).
    02.05.2002 Collection management for root.
    30.04.2002 Group managment for moderators and root.
    30.04.2002 Search queries are now much more tolerant.
    30.04.2002 Simple access for a given document eg:
    29.04.2002 Starting from now the sample database will not longer reinitialized at each new release. This means changes you made will be permanent. Feel free to submit documents, add users, etc.
    29.04.2002 Visitors can login with the username guest and an empty password. The guest user has full access to the Test Collection.
    28.04.2002 User managment for moderators and root.
    25.04.2002 Advanced search with boolean operators and regexp.
    23.04.2002 Fulltext search for PDF files.
    23.04.2002 Search profiles can be saved.
    22.04.2002 Now we have user preferences.